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You might be from Colorado if you've seen Bigfoot in a driverless beer truck on I25!
Chimp Chef Asks: Which kind of pizza do potheads prefer? A. Stone-Baked!

Bear walks into a bar: "I'll have a beer ... and some peanuts." Bartender asks: "Why the big paws?"
Beer-drinking chimps says: When my friend fell asleep at the bar, I poured ale on him. It was a brewed awakening!


Colorado Nightlife Jokes & Mile High Party Puns
Party 'til the sun comes up with Colorado nightlife humor, potted puns, and brew pub jokes.

Denver Bar Jokes, Brew Pub Puns, Nightlife Laughs
(Because High Country Nightlife Jokes Could Never Be TOO Mainstream in Denver Bars or E Colfax Motels!)
Warning: Ascend at Your Own Rate! High nighttime humor, Denver bar jokes, and Colorado partying puns ahead.
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You might be from Colorado if you met this guy at a LoDo bar last weekend!You might be from Colorado if you have a rocky sense of humor!Bear says: I've partied with Bigfoot in the Colorado high country!

Q. Which Colorado craft beer was discontinued because it caused boisterous bar behavior in Downtown Denver?
A. Stout It Out Loud.

A nonrenewable energy source walks into a bar on Denver's 16th Street Mall. Bartender says, "Sorry, I can't serve you. You've been getting wasted all day!"

Q. Which spirited drinking game was first played at the Campus Lounge in Denver?
A. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

Q. What is the new and improved slogan of the Aurora Notel on E Colfax?
A. Not Just For Nooners Anymore!

You might be dining outdoors in Colorado if high gusts are bothering you. And, you might be in Boulder if high guests bother you. You might be outside a pot shop, if nothing bothers you.

A guy and a dog are having a few drinks at the bar in downtown Littleton. So the dog says, "That's ruff, but you think your wife's a bitch?"

Q. What happens after you've had enough Colorado craft beer?
A. Hop-livion!

Drunken Point to Ponder: If you're an alcoholic if you drink too much vodka, then are you Fantastic if you drink too much Orange Crush soda during a Broncos Game?

Q. What is it called if you drink tequila inside The Cave of The Winds?
A. A shot in the dark.

Q. How can you tell it was a really brutal Saturday night at the Denver brew pub?
A. Even your dog said it was "ruff!"

Q. Why didn't the recipe for vodka-flavored brats catch on at the LoDo hipster eatery?
A. Because it was the Absolut Wurst!

Q. If Dr. Seuss visited a Denver brew pub, which beer would he order?
A. Hops on Pops!

Q. What do tight pants and a cheap motel on E Colfax Avenue have in common?
A. No ball room.

You night be from Colorado if you've seen Sasquatch from Lookout Mountain!Q. What did the stoner at the party say before the copy came? A. Let's blow this joint!You might be from Colorado if this guy was your last Uber driver!

Q. What did the Terminator say when he visited the Denver brew pub?
A. I'll Be Bock!

Q. If a hipster walks into the bar, does he make a sound?
A. Yes, but you've never heard of that Colorado brew pub.

Q. What is the slogan of the Denver hotel on Hooker St?
A. We Put the Ho in Hotel!

Q. What happened to the Colorado brew pub patron who fell into a barrel of beer?
A. He came to a very bitter end.

Q. Which Colorado craft beer chronicles everything about Saturday night online?
A. A Logger Beer.

Denver Brew Pub Fact of the Day: Men do make passes at girls with empty glasses.

Q. What is the slogan of the Aurora Notel on E Colfax?
A. As Seen On COPS!

Q. Why wasn't the brew chemist convicted on hopped up charges?
A. The jury wasn't convinced beyond a shadow of a stout.

A Colorado Blue Spruce walks into a bar. Bartender says, "You better leave." When the tree doesn't leaf, the barkeep says, "You must take me for a sap!" Tree replies, "Stop barking and pour me a logger!"

Q. Why does everybody in Denver brew pubs look so young for their age?
A. Because you're only as old ales you feel.

Q. For maximum effect, what time does Bigfoot pop a Coors and smoke pot on top of Pikes Peak?
A. High Noon.

Q. What is the hot new slogan of the Aurora Notel on E Colfax?
A. You've Rented the Room, Now Buy the Video!

Q. Which Denver craft beer is the fave on E Colfax?
A. Hoppy Ending.

Q. What did the sign on the brothel above the bar on East Colfax say?
A. Beat It! We're Closed.

Q. What is an annual unoffical beer drinking holiday in Denver?
A. Hop-toberfest.

A skunk ambles into Wynkoop Brewing Company in LoDo and asks the beer-tender, "Hey, where did everybody go?"

If you were born and raised in Centennial, you're finally old enough to buy beer.

Alien says: In Colorado, if you don't like weed puns, you ganja have a bad time!Police officer: How high are you? Pot head: No officers, it's Hi, how are you?Big Ape Asks: Which pot strain is preferred by strangers in the night? A. Dooby Dooby Doo!

Q. What do you call the new party game where stoners get so baked they can barely chase each other around the yard?
A. It's called Hash Tag!

Have you heard about the new shop in Colorado that only deals in cannabis and vodka? Everybody who shops there leaves with high spirits.

Q. What to you call flying solo in the Mile High Club?
A. Hijacking!

Q. What to you call flying solo in the Mile High Club?
A. Autopilot!

Q. Why did the Denver cops arrest the craft brewer?
A. He was accused of a-malt and beer-tery.

Q. What do the cops say when they arrive during your Denver Broncos party?
A. Dish is the Police!

FYI: Being bouldered in Boulder could get you into trouble, but being denvered in Denver is just another Saturday night.

Colorado Craft Beer Point to Ponder: After sampling numerous tasty beers on Saturday night, shouldn't there be Hop Tarts to toast your Sunday morning?

Pothead Point to Ponder: If we're not meant to have midnight snacks, why is there a light in the refrigerator?

Q. Which bud does a zombie go after at a Colorado pot shop?
A. Green Flesh.

Q. Which November holiday do stoners celebrate first?
A. Danksgiving Day!

Q. How is Colorado craft beer better than a woman over the weekend?
A. Beer likes to go fishing, plus beer never fishes for compliments!

Q. What is the Colorado state motto? A. Marijuana, can't we all just get a bong!You might be from Denver if you remember Jake Jabs playing the guitar at Evo's Time Out bar in Littleton!Green Alien Says: We're here because it's Friday!

You might be a Colorado pothead if: You've actually put out a fire using bong water.

Q. Why should you stay a mile high?
A. The view is amazing up here.

Q. How do partying skeletons in Colorado get high on the weekend?
A. Marrow-juana.

Q. At the craft beer pub in Breckenridge, what is the drunk guy's favorite kind of skis?
A. Brewskies!

Q. What do you call it if you see things after drinking too much Colorado craft beer?
A. An hop-tical illusion.

Q. How did the game programmer in Boulder get his computer drunk?
A. With a screen shot of Tequila.

Q. What does a well-dressed mallard wear to a formal affair at the Brown Palace Hotel on Saturday night?
A. His ducks-edo.

Q. Why don't Coloradans drink Flat Tire beer when they're partying on Saturday night?
A. Why tempt fate or dare the devil?

Colorado Laugh of the Night: The answer may not be at the bottom of a craft beer bottle, but you should always check.

Q. Where do Colorado meteorologists stop on their way home after a busy weather day at work?
A. The Isobar.

Q. What do you call a fantasy piece written by an author while at a Colorado brew pub?
A. An hoptical allusion.

Q. How do you become a superhero during a Denver Broncos game?
A. Rescue a guy named Jack Daniels who's been trapped inside a bottle!

Q. Why did the ladies really go for the hot craft beer meister at Great Divide Brewing Company in Five Points?
A. Because he was lager than life.

Tequila is a great drink because while you're drinking it in Greeley, you feel like a cactus. The only problem is in the morning, the needles all grow inward.

Q. What did the prostitute say when the passenger beside her on the flight to Denver said he didn't have any cash, but really wanted to join the mile high club?
A. I don't give a flying f-ck.

Q. Why did the blonde leave the Broncos tailgating party crying?
A. Because they ran out of Coors Light in left-handed cans.

Q. What do time traveling aliens call their little green vacation in Colorado?
A. Time Off!

Q. How did the Boulder stoner feel when he fell into a vat of cannabis-infused vodka?
A. He was in high spirits!

Q. What did the bartender say after the beaver walked into his South Platte River bar?
A. Please shut the dam door!

Q. In Colorado, how can you tell your chicken was partying over the weekend?
A. She lays pickled eggs on Monday!

Q. When should you put oranges in your beer?
A. Only once in a Blue Moon, and only if you're in a Golden bar just minutes from Coors brewery.

Q. What does a cannibal call a knight in armor at the Colorado Renaissance Festival?
A. Canned food.

Q. Why do hairy men love Colorado craft beer pubs during No Shave November?
A. Because in Denver, that's Novem-Beered.

Colorado Brew Pub Pick-Up Line: Hey there girl, I would buy you a draft, but I'd be jealous of the glass.

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