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Gold Medal Says: Happy Won-Day!
The lazy trainer just sits around doing nothing. He's such a couch potato!
Q. What is an elephant's favorite sport? A. Squash.
Gnomes are good sports who strive for pun perfection!
Strong aging cheese failed to medal at the olympics, because it tripped at the final curdle.
Gold Medal Says: Happy Win's Day!
Q. Which sporting event do hogs hold every four years? A. The Olympigs!


Boxer Jokes, Prizefighter Puns, Knock Out Humor
Spar along with pugilist puns, hard-hitting humor, and punchy boxing jokes for the long count.

Boxing Jokes, Punchy Humor, Glovely Puns
(Because Powerful Left Hook Humor and Dazed Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Boxing Fans or Winning Boxers!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Count! Sparring puns, 10-count jokes, humor blows and bouts of laughter ahead.
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A prizefighter needed to get his stuff reay to move, so he boxed it all up!What is the last site where a boxer fights? His final wresting place!The boxing match had not started but it was a bout to begin!

Q. How are a bottle of beer and a boxer alike?
A. They're both empty from the neck up.

Q. Why are jokes about boxing always so funny?
A. Because they always pack a good punch line.

Q. What do you get if you cross a game console and a retired fighter?
A. An X-Boxer.

Q. Why is sexual harrassment such a tricky subject in boxing gyms?
A. 'Cause somebody is always getting hit on.

Q. Why did the boxer hate pugilist jokes?
A. 'Cause he's always in the punch line!

Q. What did spectators say when the boxer was given a shot at the championship?
A. It's a bout time.

Q. Why didn't the blonde take up shadow boxing?
A. She didn't want to knock herself out!

Q. What's the difference between a hockey game and a wrestling match?
A. In hockey, the fights are real!

Q. What happened when the boxer fought his own clone?
A. The resemblance was striking.

Q. What do you call ten boxers in a row?
A. The punch line!

Q. Why did the pro pugilist go to a kick boxing class?
A. He hoped to quit boxing for good this time.

Q. What did the hairstylists do at the big boxing match?
A. They bobbed and and weaved.

Q. What kind of punch does a dog boxer throw?
A. A pupper-cut!

Boxer: My sparring partner didn't show up. Can I train alone?
Trainer: Go ahead, knock yourself out.

Q. What was engraved on the boxer's headstone?
A. You can stop counting now. I'm not getting up.

Q. Why did the ancient Romans hate wrestlers?
A. Because Rocks beat Caesars!

Boxing Pick-Up Line: Yo girl, is yo daddy a boxer? 'Cause you're a real knockout.

Q. Which champion pugilist enjoyed using lots of witty idioms and figures of speech?
A. Joe Phraser.

Q. Why was the pirate a boxing champion? A. Because of his powerful left hook!Q. Which sport was invented by pigs? A. Mud Wrestling!Q. What is Batman's favorite drink? A. Fruit punch!

Q. What do you call a boxer who pouts after being badly beaten?
A. A sore loser.

Q. Why did the hobbit try to ruin the boxing match?
A. 'Cause he wanted to destroy the ring!

Retired Boxer: Doc, I'm having trouble sleeping.
Doctor: Have you tried counting sheep?
Boxer: Yes, but every time I get to 9, I spring up out of bed!

Q. What is the specialty of the boxing hair stylist?
A. Bob and weaves.

Q. What is the worst thing about becoming a pro alligator wrestler?
A. You have to start as an amatuer alligator wrestler first.

Q. Why don't boxers have sex before a fight?
A. They just don't swing that way.

Q. What is a fighter's favorite dog?
A. The Boxer.

Q. Why are elephant boxing matches so confusing?
A. 'Cause both contestants have gray trunks.

Q. Why don't people typically box while wearing glasses?
A. Because boxing is a contact sport!

Q. Why did the cattle rancher section off an acre to set up boxing rings for his stock?
A. He gave up an awful lot just to see some bulls hit.

Boxing Pick-Up Line: Are you a boxer? 'Cause you're knocking me out.

Q. What do a pro boxer and Dracula's girlfriend have in common?
A. Both go down for the count.

Q. Why did the boxer comedian take a step forward?
A. To get to the punch line!

Q. What does a dyslexic boxer say while he's getting knocked out?
A. OK.

Q. How do you make a fruit punch?
A. Give it boxing lessons.

Q. Why did the young pugilist box under the name Kid Cousteau?
A. Because he took so many dives.

Q. How do Amazon warehouse employees fight?
A. They box.

Q. What is Batman's favorite part of the joke? A. The punch line!Q. What is Superman's favorite drink? A. Fruit Punch!Q. What is Batman's favorite part of this joke? A. The punch line!

Q. Why are guys with saggy pants bad boxers?
A. They don't like being belted.

Q. What did the jazz musician do at the big boxing match?
A. Came out swinging.

Q. Why did the blonde get kicked out of the gym during kickboxing class?
A. 'Cause the gym didn't have a kickboxing class!

Q. Which division did the blacksmith boxer compete in?
A. Smelter-weight.

Boxing Pick-Up Line: Are you a boxer? 'Cause you've knocked me off my feet.

Blonde Boxing Pick-Up Line: Are you a boxer? 'Cause you're a ten.

Q. What happened when the boxer tripped while taking a road sobriety test?
A. The officer gave him a 10-count.

Boxing is the only sport you can get your brain shook, your money took, and you name in the undertaker book.
– Joe Frazier

Q. Who was the most famous Chinese boxer?
A. Pun Ching.

Boxing Pick-Up Line: Are you a boxer? 'Cause I think I'm in glove with you.

Q. How did the old Tae Bo instructor pass away?
A. He just punched out.

Q. Who wrote the book, Kung Foo Fighting for Beginners?
A. Marsh L. Arts.

Q. What is the difference between a boxer and a guy with a head cold?
A. One knows his blows and the other blows his nose.

Q. Which kind of match won't ever start a fire?
A. A boxing match.

Q. Why do sports reporters call the boxer The Artist?
A. 'Cause he spent so much time on the canvas.

Q. What did the king and queen do at the big boxing match?
A. They put up their dukes.

A man arrives with a lot of items at the checkout, so the cashier ask, "Wanna box for those?" So, the man replied, "Can't we just settle this peacefully?"

Superman Says: If Monday had a face, I would punch it!Batman's foe says: Batter's Up! Batman says: POW!Q. What is Superman's favorite part of this joke? A. The Punch Line!

Q. Why was Jupiter banned from the solar system boxing match?
A. It tested positive for asteroids.

Q. Which kind of ring is not round?
A. A boxing ring.

Q. Why did the pro wrestler change his name to Off In Church?
A. 'Cause nobody beats Off In Church!

Q. Why should Hank Hill become a wrestler?
A. 'Cause he's already the King of pro-pain.

Q. How does a WWE wrestler like his eggs?
A. Raw!

Q. Which martial art do vegan kick boxers specialize in?
A. To-Fu.

Hard-Hitting Point to Ponder: Do some folks go into martial arts just for the kick of it?

Punchy Point to Ponder: Which kind of underwear do boxers wear?

Boxing is a great exercise... as long as you can yell "cut" whenever you want to.
– Sylvester Stallone

Q. Why did the old wrestler die?
A. 'Cause he lost his grip.

Q. How did the old Judo master die?
A. He just flipped out.

Q. What is the difference between a nail and a bad boxer?
A. One gets knocked in and the other gets knocked out.

Q. What do you get if you cross a hula dancer and a boxer?
A. Hawaiian Punch!

Q. What happened when the boxer fought his underwear?
A. The bout was very brief.

Q. Why are boxing matches in Mecca so brutal?
A. Because they always use high jabs.

Q. How does a Muslim boxer keep his distance?
A. Hijabs.

Ringing Groan of the Day: A guy mentioned that his girlfriend wasn't a very good wrestler, but you should see her box.

Q. What is not allowed in the ring, yet boxers do every night?
A. Hit the sack.

Q. Which sport entails rounding up and stealing cattle as a form of dramatic entertainment?
A. Professional rustling.

Q. What is the name of the new extreme sport dating site?
A. Action Items.

Q. What is R2D2's favorite dance music style?
A. Beep-boxing.

Q. Why did the guy end up watching a three-day arm wrestling tournament?
A. Because it was more gripping than expected.

Q. Why did the arm wrestling match have everybody's complete attention?
A. Because it was so gripping.

Q. Why did the guy stop arm wrestling with his nephew?
A. 'Cause he cried uncle.

Q. Does a match box?
A. No, but a tin can.

Q. Why is the pugilist sport called boxing?
A. Because the word fisting means something completely different.

Q. Why do so many people start fighting the day after Christmas?
A. 'Cause that's Boxing Day!

Q. What would you get if you crossed a famous boxer with a famous painter?
A. Mohammed Dali.

Q. Which type of underwear do beginners wear?
A. Amateur Boxers.

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