Et Chef Asks: What do you call a kitchen gadget used to add herbs? A. A fennel funnel! - Edible Puns, Funny Food, Chef Humor, Java Jokes!

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Old colanders never die, they just can't take the strain anymore.
Cheesy Pick-Up Line: Gnirl, not to brag, but I'm grate in bread!
Gorilla Chef Asks: What runs but doesn't get anywhere? A. A refrigerator!
Steak Says: Derar Sunday, You're the grill of my dreams!

Q. What do you call a guy who owns a successful kitchen appliance store? A. A refrigerator magnate!
Q. What do aliens serve food on? A Flying Saucers!
Q. What is red and blue and goes a million miles per hour? A. Superman in a blender!


Cooking Utensil Jokes, Grating Puns, Oven Humor
Get a handle on cheesy grater puns, cold refrgerator humor, free range laughs and strainer jokes.

Kitchen Gadget Jokes, Appliance Puns, Grill Grins
('Cause Sharp Knife Jokes and Forked Up Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream When Your Microwave is on the Fritz!)
Warning: Proceed Carefully! Handy kitchen gadget jokes, blender humor, mixer LOLs and pots 'n pans puns ahead.
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Old Cooks Never Die, They Just Get Deranged
What did the blind man say after being handed a cheese grater? "That's the most violent book I've ever read!"
Et Chef Asks: How weird is it if a chef uses a sieve or a colander? A. Stainer things have happened!

Did you know that the Greek god, Pan, loved cooking utensils?

Q. What do you call somebody who steals a poultry dish out of your oven?
A. Chicken Pot Pirate.

Cooking Point to Ponder: Can free range chicken be cooked on a stove you bought?

Q. Where do cowboy chefs that spcialize in cooking beef feel right at home?
A. On the range.

Every oven in the greasy spoon restaurant was broken, so the diners got a raw deal.

Q. Where do witches bake up their bewitching cookies?
A. In a coven.

The terrorist chef's oven was a weapon of mass convection.

Q. What did the cheese say after being attacked by multiple blades?
A. I've felt grater.

My wife was preparing lunch today, so she asked, "Honey, where's the cheese grater?" I replied, "Some would say France, others would say Wisconsin. It depends on your personal preference."

Q. What did the slicer say while robbing the pizza?
A. Hand over the dough, or I'll cut you!

Q. How does pizza cutter introduce itself to you?
A. Slice to meet you!

Q. Why did Mozzarella refuse to be sliced?
A. It had grater plans for its future!

Q. What does sarcastic cheese say to its buddies?
A. Have a grate day!

Q. Why did the kitchen colander salesman quit his job?
A. It was just too much of a strain.

Q. Why famous Transylvanian chef runs a restaurant supply company?
A.. Count Spatula.

Q. Why was the chef drowning in a river of tears?
A. He spent hours peeling and dicing onions for a three-gallon pot of onion soup. And then, the clumsy bus boy dumped a tray of dirty dishes into it...

Q. Why did the redneck restaruant supply theif become a photographer?
A. 'Cause he was so good at taking pitchers.

Customer: I cannot eat this soup!
Waiter: Why not? It looks okay to me.
Customer: Because you didn't bring me a spoon!

After the Butcher Backed Into His Meat Grinder, He Got a Little Behind in His Work.
Chimp Chef Asks: How do you shop for just the right knife? A. Keep a sharp lookout!
My wife uses a kitchen implement to shred garlic and cheese, that I hate. It really is the grater of two evils!

Q. What happened after a chef was murdered by being boiled to death in an industrial pasta cooker?
A. Police are trying to al dente-fy a suspect.

After the first hamburger press was invented and became successful, the inventor was given a patty on the back.

Q. What do you call a short-order cook in a busy restaurant?
A. A Pressure Cooker!

Q. How did the bread keep its shape?
A. It spent on hour on the gym's bread machine.

Q. hy did the chef decide to buy the break-resistant dinnerware?
A. Because it had a good crack record.

Chef Pick-Up Line: Hey babe, you remind me of the pepper mill in my spice cabinet because you've got a fine grind goin' on!

Q. Which dining utensil is never found in the cab of an 18-wheeler?
A. A jack knife.

Q. What did one knife say to another knife?
A. Look Sharp!

Today's Sharp Foodie Fun: We would make more cheesy food puns, but that wouldn't be very knife.

Q. What did the chef say when he discovered he didn't have the right utensil to cut through the thick meat?
A. Knife's too short.

Fed Up Foodie Funnies: Have a knife day! See you spoon! Oh, just fork off already!

Cooking Pun of the Day: Chefs are pretty cleaver!

If a waiter does not succeed at first, he must tray, tray, tray again!

Foodie Fun Fact of the Day: A fabulous chef can take some cheese and make something grate!

Q. What is it called if you use your pepper mill with every single meal?
A. A daily grind.

Dumb Customer: The crust on this apple pie was way too tough.
Waiter: Sir, that was the pie pan.

Did you hear about the baker with 12 children? There's always a bun in the oven. But, will they stop at an even baker's dozen?

I just burned 2000 calories. That's the last time I leave brownies in the oven while I take a nap.

Q. What does an aspiring young witch baker use to make cookies?
A. An Easy Bake Coven.

What did an astronaut see in his skillet? Unidentified frying objects!
Q. Why is a roach clip called a roach clip? A. Because "pot holder" was already taken!
Ape chef says: You might be from Colorado if you fire up the grill after shoveling a foot of snow off the deck!

Q. What did the astronomer-turned-chef call his forks, bowls, knives, tongs and colanders?
A. Gastronomical objects.

Q. What do you call a gleaming frying pan that's illuminated by the restaurant's roof window?
A. A skylit skillet.

Funny Chef Point to Ponder: Is a short order cook just a flash in the pan?

Q. Why did the chef fire the fry cook?
A. He just didn't pan out.

Q. Where do interstellar aliens eat lunch?
A. On Flying Saucers!

Q. What did one plate say to another?
A. Lunch is on me.

Q. How does the man in the moon eat his hamburgers?
A. On satellite dishes.

Q. Why did the chef spill his soup?
A. Because there was a leek in the pot!

Q. What do you call a bib that's sleeping?
A. A napkin.

Q. What do you call a panh
andler outside a restaurant?
A. Oven mitt.

My girlfriend is such a bad cook that she uses the smoke alarm as a timer.

Q. What did the holiday baker put on the gingerbread man's bed?
A. A cookie sheet.

Q. How can you stop somebody from stealing your grill?
A. With a burger alarm!

Q. What do you get if you cross a chic fashion doll with a grill?
A. Barbie Q Chicken.

Q. What happens when a guy with a gas grill and a girl with a smoker fall in love?
A. They live together in holy meatrimony!

The harried hamburger chef was so worried about the grill, that he put everything else on the back burner.

Q. How do you know how long to leave sweet corn on the BBQ grill?
A. Just play it by ear.

Red Hot Meat Market Humor: Brought a new grill home last night. She's a real gas and she's really hot, especially after you turn her on!

Q. Where do pirates like to cook their shrimp when they're in Australia?
A. On the baRRRbie.

Love At First Bite: The happy chef couple met at cooking class. It got really hot when boil meets grill!

Stir Fry Cooks Come From All Woks of Life
Q. What do you get if you put your radio in the fridge? A. Cool Music!
Cow Chef Asks: What kind of music do chefs like to listen to? Wok N Roll!

Q. Do old Chinese restaurant chefs ever die?
A. No, they just wok away.

Q. What music do chefs listen to while stir frying at the Chinese food restaurant?
A. Wok 'n Roll.

Q. What does a pastry chef call it when somebody topples over a tangy dessert pie?
A. Upsetting the apple tart.

Q. How does a penguin chef make pancakes?
A. He uses his flippers.

Q. What does a bakery employee have to do when cutting bread ahead of time?
A. He needs to use pre-slice measurements.

Q. How did the vegan couple feel about making their own pulp-free orange juice?
A. It was a real strain.

Q. Why did the maid always tip the client's dog?
A. For helping her with the dishes.

Q. Why did men invent high-heel shoes for women?
A. So the wife can put away dishes on the top shelf.

Q. What did the guy do the day his dishwasher and washing machine broke down?
A. He took her to the emergency room.

Q. What happened after the chef opened the refrigerator door because he heard green onions singing a Bee Gees song?
A. He realized it was just chives talking.

Q. How are music producers and a pizzeria business alike?
A. Both make dough from mixers.

Old refrigerator repairmen never die, they just lose their cool.

Q. What do vegetable lovers call an occasion for burping?
A. A Tupperware party!

Q. Which soup to-go can be found in the refrigerator in a doctor's office?
A. Pee soup.

Q. Why were the burgers in the refrigerator embarrassed?
A. They saw the salad dressing.

Pick Up a Cheesy Guy Line: Hey cheesemonger, I hear you're grate in bread!

Cheese Plate Come-On Line: Hey girl, I'd let you pick me up with your fingers.

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey Jack, you have my parmesan to nibble off my plate.

Yesterday, my refrigerator thought it was a microwave. We got into a heated fight, but now everything is cool again.

Q. What does it mean if your kitchen kettle sounds like wind and thunder? A.
A storm is brewing.

Q. Which R&B funk tribute band only plays in kitchens?
A. Earth, Wind, and Fryer!

Q. What do you get if you cross angel hair and a snake?
A. Spaghetti that wraps itself around your fork!

Q. What is the best thing to put into a key lime pie?
A. A fork.

Q. Which kind of pie needs eight forks?
A. The octopi.

Customer: I cannot eat this meal!
Waiter: Why not? It looks okay to me.
Customer: Because you didn't bring me a fork!

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, you cheddar not miss out on the grater plans I have for you.

Q. Why didn't the deli cheese want to be sliced?
A. It had grater plans.

Q. Why did Donald Trump want to prohibit the sale of shredded cheese?
A. Because he wanted to Make America Grate Again!

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