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Q. What
is a mime's

A. Silence is

Q. How many 14-year-old boys does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. You said SCREW. Hahaha!

Q. How does
a Paris street performer apologize?

A. He signs,
"Mime Sorry."


Pantomimist Jokes, Silent Humor, Mime Puns
Act out with man-to-mime puns, humor charades, muted laughs and way outside the box jokes.

Mime Jokes, Pantomime Puns, Mute Humor
(Because Unheard Of Jokes and Silent But Deadly Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream for Marcel Marceau!)
Warning: Proceed Quietly with Caution! Unspoken jokes, boxed up LOLs, and Paris street performer puns ahead.
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Q. What can you say to an annoying street performer? A. Oh, just go and mime your own business!

Q. What is
the hardest
thing for a
mime to do?

A. Thinking outside
the box.

Q. Did the annoying mime actually make any mondy? A. Nothing to speak of!

Q. How did the mime kick the bucket?
A. He stubbed his pan-toe-mime.

Q. What type of jokes are these?
A. Pun-to-mimes.

Theatrical Pick Up Line Point to Ponder: Why aren't there any mime pick-up lines?

Pantomimist Point to Ponder: Are mimes just as creepy as clowns, or even creepier?

Q. Why did the cops ticket the street performer?
A. For a mimer traffic violation.

Q. Which kind of shrink is capable of communicating with a mime?
A. A Paris-psychologist.

Q. Why do mimes enjoy watching goldfish fish swim in aquariums?
A. They consider it research material.

Q. Why do fully clothed mimes spend so much time in his home shower stall?
A. 'Cause they're really into clear boxes.

Q. Why do mimes always have a fish tank?
A. 'Cause they can relate to the fish trapped inside a clear box.

Q. What do you call a Paris street performer who has a women's underwear fetish?
A. Panties-mime.

Q. Why did the mimes work together successfully for so long?
A. They enjoyed being silent partners.

Q. What did the guy's parents say when he announced he was going to become a mime?
A. You don't say.

Q. What do you call it when a mime is run over by a steamroller?
A. A Silent Film.

Q. What do you call a street performer who isn't capable of acting out any more?
A. Can't-o-mime.

Q. What should you say to a rude street performer who gets up in your face?
A. Please mime your manners.

Q. How do you taunt a mime?
A. Say, "I see London, I sse France, I see Marcel's underpants."

Q. Why do
mimes like playing
the trumpet?

A. It has a
lot of mutes.

Q. How many performance artists does it take to change a light bulb? A. Dunno, I left after the first hour and a half!

Q. What
does a
mime call a

A. An

Q. What is a mime's favorite remote controll feature?
A. The MUTE button.

Q. What is a mime's favorite time of the day?
A. Dusk, because all the colors are muted.

Q. What do you call a mute street performer in jail?
A. A Can-to-mimist. .

Q. What is it called when a silent street performer does his whole act leaning toward magnetic north?
A. Slant-o-mime.

Q. Why did the mime quit his job?
A. Hmm, nobody's heard...

Q. What is it called when a silent street performer is crippled?
A. Critically mimed.

Q. What was it called when an Age of Enlightenment philosopher acted out his ideas?
A. Kant-o-mime

Q. What do you call a mysterious Paris street performer who only appears briefly and then disappears?
A. Phantom-mime.

Q. Why did the Paris fashion police arrest the mime?
A. He didn't have his pants on.

Q. What do you call entertaining crabs crossing the pavement?
A. Side-walk performers.

Q. Which kind of bird do Paris street performers like to keep as pets?
A. Mime-a birds.

Q. What did the mime name his new pet poodle?
A. Dunno. We haven't heard....

Q. Which breed of dogs is preferred by mmes?
A. Boxers.

Q. Which classic novel was about a French actor who was persecuted for for his art?
A. Mime and Punishment.

Q. Why did a cheesy street performer insist his audience sit in a circle? A. So that he'd get a round of applause!

Q. How does
a mime intentionally
mess up?

A. He says,

Q. What is a heckler's favorite slogan? A. Just boo it!

Q. What is a mime's favorite sweet snack?
A. A Marcel-mellow.

Q. What happens when a pantomist visits his psychiatrist?
A. It's a mime-numbing hour.

Q. What did the street perfomer's sife say to him during their last arguement?
A. "What? You think I'm some sort of a mime reader?"

Q. What do you call the act that is now prohibited on the streets of Metropolis?
A. Ban-to-mime.

Q. Which act is performed inside a French kitchen storage area?
A. Pantry-mime.

Q. What do you call all the unwitting victims of random street performances?
A. Innocent mime-standers.

Q. Who does a pantomimist go see to have his fortune told?
A. A mime reader.

Q. What did the street performer sip on at the Paris cafe bar?
A. A Mime-osa.

Q. Which UK holiday is every mime's favorite?
A. Boxing Day.

Q. What is it called when a monk street perfomer keeps doing the same thing over and over and over?
A. Chant-o-mime.

Q. Which material is usually used to make mime shirts?
A. Poly-jester.

Q. Why do mimes wear striped shirts?
A. So that onlookers don't confuse them with ghosts.

Q. What is it called when a pack of dogs chases after a running street performer?
A. Panting mime.

Q. What is it called when the audience talks about the street performer they just boo-ed off the block?
A. Mime-less banter.

Q. Which sport are mimes particularly good at?
A. Boxing

Q. How does
a method
actor portray
a silent tree?

A. By

Q. What do actors suffer from after starring in an intense role? A. Post-dramatic stress!

Q. Which
Florida city
is the
favorite of pantomimists?

A. Mime-Me.

Q. What is the favorite movie of mime sheep?
A. Silence of the Lambs.

Q. What do you call a male street performer in Paris?
A. A man-to-mimist.

Q. What did the Paris street performer sleep on at night?
A. A mime-ery foam mattress.

Q. Which pantomimist was the first to reside at the White House?
A. Mimie Eisenhower.

Q. Which kind of street performers stops by the library to entertain kids at noon?
A. A mime-reader.

Q. What is it called when a Paris street performer flips out and reacts wildly?
A. Rant-o-mime.

Q. How do you describe the Paris street performer's curious new routine?
A. Mime-numbing.

Unanswered Riddle: If a mime got locked in a walk-in freezer, would anybody know he needs help?

Q. Which suggestive joke punch line is a mime's least favorite?
A. That's what she said.

Q. What might you say when you catch a mute street performer who is up to no good?
A. Mime, mime, mime.

Q. What is it called when an incomprehensible campaigning politician does his whole act leaning toward the left?
A. Slant-o-mime.

Q. What do you call a dog street perfomer's act in Paris?
A. Pant-omime.

Q. Have you heard the latest mime joke?
A. Of course not!

Q. What is the first rule of Mime Club?
A. You do not talk about Mime Club.

Pantomime Point to Ponder: Are mimes just as scary as clowns, or more so?

Q. How did Major Mime know the new recruit was not cut out to be a mime?
A. It was something he said.

Q. What does a teenage street performer mouth when he royally screws up?
A. Mime Bad!

Q. Which kind of street perfomer might go off at any time?
A. A land mime.

Q. Which street actor only does his act during December?
A. Santa-mime.

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