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Q. What do you call a fish with no eyes? A. FSH!
Q. Who was Tom Sawyer's favorite fish? a. Huckleberry Fin!
Q. What's the difference between a piano and a fish? A. You can tune a piano, but you can't tuna fish!


Pet Fish Jokes, Koi Pond Puns, Angelfish Humor
Swim along with finny Beta puns, Hell's Angelfish humor, guppy grins and fishy aquarium jokes.

Tropical Fish Jokes, Guppy Humor, Goldfish Puns
(Because Kissing Fish Jokes and Neon Tetra Puns Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Clownfish and Funny Fishies!)
Warning: Proceed with Care! Fih tank jokes, clownfish LOLs, swordtail humor and winning bronze fish puns ahead.
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Why are goldfish orange? Do they get rusty in water?Q. Which fish always go to heaven? a. Angelfish!Q. What's dry on the outside, filled with water, and can blow up a building? a. A fish tank!

Q. What do you call an illusionist goldfish that does tricks in its bowl?
A. A magic carpet.

Q. Which fancy tropical fish isn't quite ready for prime time release?
A. The Beta.

Q. Which aquarium resident wears leather and rides a hog?
A. The Hell's Angelfish.

Q. Which tropical fish are the most loving tank residents?
A. Kissing Fish.

Q. Which type of tropical fish has his own built-in weapon?
A. The Swordtail.

Q. Which tropical fish officiates at tank sporting events?
A. The Zebra Fish.

Q. What's sour, green, and swims in an aquarium? A. A trop-pickle fish!Q. Why did the fish leave a false name? a. He wanted to be koi!Q What party game do fish play? A. Salmon Says!

Q. Which aquarium fish never has to wear a special hat to protect itself from alien mind control?
A. A Tinfoil Barb.

Q. Which tropical fish is GRReat?
A. Tony, the Tiger Barb.

Q. How do you describe a fancy male Beta who wears an ascot?
A. So fish-ticated!

Q. Which chubby little tropical fish is always out of breath?
A. The Puffer Fish.

Q. What's the name of the city aquarium's social network?
A. Fishbook!

Q. Why do zippy Zebra fish like to swim in schools?
A. Because they're good at gym class.

Q. How does a brown koi like its food? A. Cha-grilled!Did you hear about the Valentine's Day romance in the fish tank? It was a case of guppy love!Q. What do romantic fish sing to each other? A. Salmon Chanted Evening!

Q. Why did the modest koi fish in the garden pond blush?
A. Because it saw Lily Pads's bottom!

Fish Tank Point to Ponder: If you cal a plecostomus a sucker, is that a slur or a compliment?

Q. Which red tropical fish is the best dressed?
A. The swordtail, because they always look sharp!

Truly Koi Pick-Up Line: Hey Goldie, tonight I'd like to take a dip in your pond.

Q. Why did the fancy guppy want to go to Hollywood?
A. He hoped to see his favorite starfish!

Fishbowl Pick-Up Line: Hey there Big Finn. Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I swim by again?

q Why don't fish play tennis? A. they're afraid of the net!Q. What do you call a slippery reporter? A. A koi-respondent!Q. What kind of fish does your parrot sit on? A. A perch!

Q. Where do industrious pet guppies work to make a living?
A. Out of their home offish.

Q. Which blue and purple cichlid fish is a noted pugilist?
A. The Jack Dempsey.

Q. What is it called when your new fish hides behind a rock in your backyard pond?
A. Just being koi.

Finny Fish Tank Hookup Line: Hey Wanda, wanna come over and help me remove my algae?

Q. Which resident of the 55-gallon tank won an Academy Award?
A. The Oscar Fish.

Q. Which mellow livebearing tropical fish has a dark side?
A. The Black Molly.

Did you hear about the bankrut goldfish? Now he's a bronze fish!Q. How do fish know how much they weigh? A. they have their own scales!q. What do you get if you cross a fish and an elephant? A. Swimming trunks!

Q. Why wouldn't the school of Neon Tetraa go near the bottom of the tank?
A. 'Cause there's a big scary catfish there!

Fishy Fish Tank Pick-Up Line: Hey Gill, where you fin my whole life?

Q. What did the sign at the outlet pet store say to advertise free low quality aquariums?
A. Tanks for Nothing.

Clownfish Pick-Up Line: Hey Goldie, wanna come home with me to see my catfish?

Q. How does a little seahorse get around in the big salt water tank?
A. He scallops.

Kissing Fish Hookup Line: Hey Molly, if you were a fish tank, I would tap that!

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