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Q. What do you call a rooster that wakes you up the same time every day? a. An alarm cluck!
Q. Why do roosters like Sunday? A. It always dawns on them!


Rooster Jokes, Cock-A-Doodle Humor, Dawn Puns
Crow along with rowdy roux stir puns, alarm cluck humor, and cock-a-doodle-dude jokes.

Rooster Jokes, Cocky Puns, Roost Sire Humor
('Cause Cock-A-Doodle-Dufus Jokes and Roi-Ster Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream When Any Cock Will Do!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Crew-ster jokes, cocky roost stir humor, comb LOLs and roost sir puns ahead.
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Q. Why did the rooster cross the road? A. To cock-a-doodle-do something!Q. Why did the cocky rooster go to KfC? A. He was a leg and breast man!Just ignore that rooster! He's the guy who likes to ruffle everyone's feathers!

Q. What did Mr. Goldberg get when he crossed an ingenious cartoon with a chicken crossing the road?
A. A Rube-ster.

Q. What do you call a cock that works aboard a sailing ship?
A. Crew-ster.

Q. Why did the rooster run across the road to KFC?
A. 'Cause he's a leg man.

Q. Where does a rooster take a hen on a first date?
A. To a chick flick.

Q. Which cock fathered all the new chicks in the henhouse?
A. The roost sire.

Q. What do you call the cock that won the pistol duel with his rival?
A. Drew Star.

Q. What does a contemtuous rooster tease say?
A. Mock-a-doodle-do.

Q. What was the rooster doing at the gym since the crack of dawn?
A. Working on his pecks.

Q. What do chickens call the big cock who thinks he's the king of the henhouse?
A. Roi-ster.

q. Why did the rooster cross the road? A. because chicks were on the other side!Q. What do you get if you cross a phone and a rooster? A. Wake-up call!Q. Where does a rooster chef find recipes to crow about? A. In the Betty Cocker Cookbook!

A rooster walks into a bar. Bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve poultry here. Try KFC across the road."

Q. What do you get if you cross a ghost with the man of the henhouse?
A. A Boo-ster.

Q. What do you call a male chicken that rolls around in the wet grass at dawn?
A. Dew-ster.

Q. What do you call a trusty rooster that wakes you up at the exact same time every single morning?
A. An alarm cluck!

Q. What do you call a jail just for criminal cocks?
A. Roost Stir.

Q. Which cocky fella was the most famous cowboy moonshiner in the late 1800s?
A. Rooster Cogburn.

Q. What does a rooster say when he wants an Austrian apple dessert?
A. Cock-a-strudel-do.

Q. What does the chef call his rich new pasta dish made with rooster meat?
A. Cock-a-noodle-do.

Q. Whiat do Parisians call a cock that's a five-star French chef?
A. Roux Stir.

Q If a rooster laid an egg on a roof, which way would it roll? A. Roosters don't lay eggs!Q. Why did the rooster go to KFC? A. He wanted to see a chcken strip!Q. Why did the rooster run away? A. He was chicken!

Q. What do you call the vain cock that's up on top of the barn?
A. Roof-ster.

Q. Why did the rooster move the chicks into the henhouse when dark thunderclouds blew in?
A. 'Cause it looked like fowl weather.

Q. What did the amusement park get when they crossed a mole with a rooster?
A. A whack-a-doodle.

Q. Which kind of automobile does an egg-centric rooster use to cross the road?
A. A 1957 Cadillac Coupe DeVille.

Q. What does a rooster say when he's standing at your front door?
A. Knock-a-doodle-do.

Q. Where can you buy everything you need for a productive backyard chicken coup?
A. At the Roost Store.

Q. Why can't big cocks ever become wealthy?
A. 'Cause roosters work for chicken feed.

Q. What do you call a rooster dimwit that does stupid stunts hoping to go viral?
A. Cock-a-doodle-dufus.

Q. What's the worse part about owning backyard hens and roosters?
A. Cleaning up the cock-a-doodle-do in the coop.

Q. Why did a rooster go to KFC? A. He wanted to visit friends and family!Q. What name did the transgender rooster now go by? A. Dawn!Q. Why did the cocky rooster go to KFC? A. He wanted to see a chicken strip!

Q. How do you stop a rooster from waking you up on Saturday morning?
A. Eat him Friday night.

Q. Why does it take longer for an elephant to get ready for a trip, than a rooster does?
A. 'Cause a pachyderm takes his whole trunk, but a rooster only packs his comb.

Q. What do you get if you cross a relative of an elk with a cock?
A. A moose-ster.

Q. What's the difference between a rooster and a cock?
A. A rooster says Cock-a-doodle-do, but a cock says any Cock will do.

Q. What does a gay rooster say?
A. Cock-a-doodle-dude!

Q. Which kind of cock prefers a diet of peaches, apples and watermelon?
A. The Fruit-ster.

Q. Why do roosters subscribe to PentCoop magazine?
A. For the hentertaining articles.

Q. What did the farmer get when he crossed a rooster with a lemon tree?
A. Roost-sours.

Q. What do subordinate cocks and hens call their superior?
A. Roost Sir.

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