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Q. Why was a guy looking for fast foo on his friend? A. His friend said "dinner is on me!"
Chimp Chef Says: Saw my dad chopping up Onions today and I cried. Onions was a good dog!
Q. What does a skeleton say before dinner? A. Bone Appetit
Q. What do yu call a mediocre deli item? A. Dull Pickle!


Delicious Jokes, Fun Chef Puns, Food Humor
Gnaw on rarely edible puns, raw laughs, deliciously funny cooking humor and cheesy food jokes.

Food Puns, Yummy Humor, Cheesy Jokes
(Because Five Star Food Fights Couldn't Be TOO Mainstream for Restaurant Critics or Trendy Restaurant Goers!)
Warning: Proceed at Your Own Risk! Inedible foodie jokes may be hard to swallow because they're the wurst!
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Q. What is a Honeymoon Salad? A. Lettuce alone, with no dressingShould you ever question your cheese? No, only when it's up to no gouda.Painful Pun: Jokes About German Sausage Are The Wurst!

Q. Why are spinach leaves never lonely?
A. Because they come in bunches.

Q. Which will win the salad race: the lettuce, a faucet, or a tomato?
A. The lettuce is a head, the faucet is still running, and the tomato will eventually ketchup.

Q. Why was the veggie salad in a vulnerable position?
A. Because it was undressed.

Green Pick-Up Line: Are you salad? 'Cause I think I'm falling in lovage.

Q. When should you smother a burrito in cheese?
A. In best queso scenario.

Q. Wanna hear another gouda joke?
A. Never mind, it is way too cheesy.

Cheesy Come-On: Hey girl, you'd never have to question me, 'cause I'm not too gouda to be true to you.

Q. Which cheesy 1992 military drama do soldiers really eat up?
A. A Few Gouda Men.

Q. What do you call a phobia of German sausage?
A. Fearing the Wurst!

Q. What do you call a claim that a guy could eat a footlong hot dog in two bites?
A. Hard to swallow.

Q. What do you call a scary hot dog with nothing in it?
A. A Hollow-weenie!

Q. What has 100 teeth and eats wieners?
A. A Zipper!

Whoever served the wine at the banquet did a pour job.Chef Pun: Got a job at a bakery because I kneaded dough.Q. Why should you always bring a bag of chips to a party? A. In queso emergency

My dog is trained to bring me red wine. He's a Bordeaux collie.

WARNING: he sonsumption of wime might cause you to think you can sing!

I drank so much wine last night, that when I walked across the dance floor to get another glass, I won the dance competition.

Q. Are there any funny red wine jokes at PainfulPuns?
A. You bet Shiraz there are!

Q. Why was the baker in a panic?
A. Because he was in a loaf or death situation.

Q. What is a baker's favorite Beatles' song?
A. All You Knead Is Love.

Q. Which famous baker was compelled to precisely time every recipe she prepared?
A. Betty Clocker.

Q. What did yeast say to flour?
A. I loaf you dough much!

Cheesy Point to Ponder: When cheese is having a picture taken, what does it say?

Did you hear about the guy who had an addiction to cheddar cheese? It's only mild, though.

Q. Why was the cheddar wheel so bossy?
A. Because he was the big cheese.

Cheese walks into a bar. The bartender looks up and says, "Get out. We don't serve your rind in here."

Which music genre appeals to cheese? R 'N BrieA Successful Diet Is: The Triumph of Mind Over Platter.A grenade in a French kitchen results in Linoleum Blown Apart.

Q. What did Gorgonzola say to Cheddar at the tasting party?
A. Lookin' Sharp!

Cheesy Hit Up Line: Hey Brie, do you French on a first date?

Cheesy Pun Fact of the Day: Yes, we realize that you may have heard some of these stinking funny cheese joke brie-fore...

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey Brie, didn't you date my mold college roommate, Blue?

The physics of weight loss has to do with the gravitational pull of food.

Weight Loss Tip of the Day: Dieting is not a piece of cake!

A guy thought he'd lost a lot of weight, so he got on the scale to show his wife. His wife said, "Guess a gain."

The size a dieter aspires to equals his sighs of relief.

Ooh la laugh! Alas, we cannoli do so much...

Q. What happens when two chefs have a cooking contest?
A. The heat is on!

Did you hear about the chef who slipped and broke his prime rib?

Q. What do you call an ill-tempered old chef who goes bankrupt?
A. A curmudgeonly crumble.

Butchers link sausage to make ends meet.Q. Why doesn't cheddar like to party with crackers? A. Someone always cuts the cheese...Q. What do you get from a pampered cow? A. Spoiled Milk

Q. What do butchers call a cow with no front legs?
A. Lean Beef.

Q. Why did the blonde throw her doll on the grill?
A. She heard it was a Barbie-que.

Q. In which school subjects might the teacher say: Well Done, Steaks?
A. Meatyeval History and Meat-thematics.

Foodie Gossip of the Day: Did you hear about the restaurant critic who had no taste?

Q. What did the piece of Cheddar say to the spook?
A. Get lost. I'm Lac-ghost intolerant!

Q. What did the cheese say when it looked in the mirror?
A. Halloumi.

Q. Why was the cheesemonger fired after his presentation about French goat cheese?
A. Because he just Banon and Banon and on...

Cheesy Pick Up Line: Hey girl, you're so hot that you've grilled my cheese sandwich.

Q. Where do cows go for lunch?
A. Calf-eteria.

Q. What job best suits a cow?
A. Baker, because they make cow pies all the time.

Q. Why did the blonde farmer get a brown cow?
A. She wanted chocolate milk.

Q. What do you churn to make forgetful butter?
A. Milk of Amnesia!

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