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Q. What did Cinderella dolphin wear to the ball? A. Glass flippers!
Q. How do dolphins get to the hospital? A. In a clambulance!


Porpoise Jokes, Pod Humor, Finny Mammal Puns
Swim along with pier-poise puns, dol friend humor, re-porpoised LOLs and clicky dolph out jokes.

Dolphin Jokes, Flipper Puns, Porpoise Humor
(Because Playful Porpoise Jokes and Dol-Fun Puns Could Never Be TOO Mainstream In Delphinus Delphis Speak!)
Warning: Proceed with Caution! Dull Finn jokes, perp-poise laughs, dual-fin humor and pour poise puns ahead.
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Q. Do dolphins ever do things by accident? A. No, they do it on porpoise!Q. Why was the dolphin feeling grouchy? A. He ate too many crabs!Q. Who helps injured dolphins? A. Sturgeons!

Q. What is a group of clean dolphins that move according to the pull of the moon?
A. A Tide pod.

Q. What happens after your pet dolphin swims back into the ocean?
A. You've lost your porpoise.

Q. Which dolphin works as a bartender at the Sand Bar?
A. Pour Poise.

Q. Which intelligent sea mammal comedian has a dry sense of humor?
A. Droll Fin.

Q. Why is it so hard to make friends with a new pod of dolphins?
A. Because they're so clicky.

Q. Which criminal dolphin was the Coast Guard searching for?
A. The perp-poise.

Q. What does a porpoise in love call his girlfriend?
A. Doll Phin.

Sea Mammal Point to Ponder: Scientists claim dolphins are the second most intelligent creature after man. Does that mean women are third?

Q. Which movie was about a dog that befriended a dolphin?
A. A Dog's Porpoise.

Q. What is it called when a laid-off dolphin finds a new job?
A. Reporpoised.

Q. What do you call a dolphin that performs in X-rated movies?
A. Porn-poise.

Q. Which kind of porpoise is the best at multitasking?
A. The dual-phin.

Q. Where do lady dolphins kep their money? A. In their octopurse!Q. What do dolphins need to stay healthy? A. Vitamin Sea!Q. What is a dolphin's favorite game show? A. Whale Of Fortune!

Q. What is the job of a dolphin butler?
A. To serve a porpoise.

Q. Who is the most famous popoise pop singer?
A. Adele Fin.

Q. What do you call a dolphin that's always being stared at?
A. The peer-poise.

Q. Which porpoise challenges his rival to a shootout to defend his honor?
A. Duel Fin.

Q. What happened after the big sea cow joined the gym with the dolphin trainer?
A. She moved with a porpoise.

Q. What do porpoise pals call each other?
A. Dol friends.

Q. Which kind of dolphin is the most graceful under pressure in any circumstancen?
A. The per poise.

Q. What do you get if you cross a porpoise with Stevie Wonder?
A. Dol Funk.

Q. What do porpoises call a boring sailorman from a fiord near Helinski?
A. A dull Finn.

Q. What do you call a porpoise that leaves a trail of turds behind him?
A. Doo Fin.

Q. What is the opposite of dolphin?
A. Dolph out.

Q. Which kind of dolpin likes to hang around the dock?
A. The pier-poise.

Q. What do dolphins use for money? A. Sand dollars!Q. What did folks say while waitig for a dophin to jump? A. Water they waiting for?Q. What did the baby dophin do when he didn't get his way? A. He whaled!

Q. Why shouldn't you just discard an old dolphin?
A. 'Cause they can always be reporpoised.

Q. Which kind of intelligent sea mammal really knows how to have a good time and enjoy itself?
A. The dol-fun.

Q. What do you call a bankrupt dolphin?
A. Poor-poise.

Q. Which kind of dolphin always stays right beside its mate?
A. The pair-poise.

Q. Why do dolphins and manatees only swim in salt water?
A. 'Cause pepper water makes them sneeze.

Q. Whiat do Sea World visitors call the biggest performing porpoise?
A. Tall-fin.

Q. What is the name of the famous dolphin at the aquarium in France?
A. Pierre Poise.

Q. What do you call a porpoise that always cheers for Miami's NFL football team?
A. Dol-fan.

Q. How do whales and dolphins share information with each other?
A. With a podcast.

Q. Whic kind of dolphin has a disproportionately big butt?
A. The Pear-poise.

Q. What do the other popoises call the one pod memeber who always tattles on them?
A. Dol fink.

Q. What do all the other dolphns xall the one really stupid porpoise in their pod?
A. Dolt Phin.

Q. How did the comedian octopus make the dolphin laugh? a. with ten-tickles!Q. What party game do dolphins like to play? a. Salmon Says!Q. How could a dolphin afford to buy a house? A. He prawned his sea chest.

Q. What did the thug gang of dolphins say to the baby orcas?
A. Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here?

Q. What do you call a dimwitted dolphin?
A. Dull-phin.

Q. Which kind of porpoise makes the most phone calls?
A. The dial-phin.

Q. Which kind of pee pads do lady dolphins prefer?
A. Pour Poise.

Q. Which kind of toy might you find in the ocean?
A. The doll-fin.

Q. What do you get if you cross a dolphin with an octopus?
A. A por-pus.

Q. Which cell service do porpoises subscribe to?
A. Dol Phone.

Q. Which kind of porpois charges a fee to swim in its sea lane?
A. The toll fin.

Q. Why can't you accidentally ride a dolphin?
A. 'Cause you'd have to do it on porpoise.

Q. Which kind of intelligent sea mammal visits Hawaii looking for pineapple chunks?
A. The Dole-phin.

Q. What do you call a porpois with a strong offensive odor?
A. A dol-funk.

Q. Which kind of porpoise is an evil spirited foe?
A. The dol-fiend.

Q. What did folks say when a dolphin walked on water? A. It was just a fluke! (A dolphin's til is called a fluke.)Q. How do dolphins make tough decisions? A. Flipper coin!Q. Why don't dolphins play tennis? A. Becaus they're afraid of the net!

Q. What is the difference between a killer whale and a killer dolphin?
A. Orca doesn't have to hide the bodies.

Q. What do you call a porpoise that has a lot of fronds?
A. Dol-fern.

Q. Which kind of mischievous porpoise likes to bore holes in wooden ships?
A. The drill fin.

Q. What do you call a dolphin wearing a shark costume?
A. A FIN-poster.

Q. Which vacation is more expensive than swimming with dolphins?
A. Swimming with sharks. That costs an arm and a leg.

Q. Why did IHOP hire a dolphin to make pancakes?
A. 'Cause they're so good with flippers.

Q. Which kind of soap does a dolphin use?
A. All porpoise cleaner.

Q. What is a dolphin's favorite color?
Aqua marine.

Old sea pirates never die. They just lose their porpoise.

Q. What do you call the dolphin that hangs out at the ocean front golf course?
A. Par-poise.

Q. What do you get if you cross a cucumber with a porpoise?
A. A dill phin.

Q. How can you tell if a dolphin is pissed off at you?
A. He flippers the bird.

Q. What happens when a dolphin has an emotional breakdown?
A. It flipped out.

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